Illustrations produced for Cambridge University
Achilles New Armour illustration Aphrodite illustration artemis illustration Athena illustration Greek Freeze illustration Odysseus tied to the mask illustration  
Odysseus logo illustration Briseis taken from Achlles illustration Trojan Horse illustration Cupid illustration Death of Achilles illustration Eris plate illustration  
Farewell to hector illustration Greek warrior with fire illustration FIght for Patroclus illustration Glaukos fights Menestheus illustration Harpies illustration  Hector & Achillesillustration  
 Hera head illustration
Odysseus on marble illustration
Tied to the mast, marble illustration
Menelaus and Paris illustration
Greek murder illustration
Poseidon illustration  
Tied to mast illustration Priam and Achilles illustration Greek battle illustration walls of troy illustration Zeus  illustration zeus or poseidon illustration  
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